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We are the exclusive online and simulcast bidding platform of Ed and Ben Schafer Auctioneers, Shawn J Dostie, Auctioneer, and a few exclusive limited partnerships. Ed and Ben Schafer Auctioneers has been around for a long time, being a 3rd generation Auction Company founded by the legendary Vincent Schafer, who began the Auction Company in 1964. The excellence, integrity, and results, continue today with Ben Schafer, Vincents grandson, leading the company today, as his father, Ed Schafer, guides us all. Shawn J. Dostie, Auctioneer, who joined the firm in 2016, brings with him a wealth of technological knowledge, is a founding partner in The Ohio Foreclosure Auction Group, and an agent with Ben Schafer Realty.

Why Online Auctions?

Convenience. We live in a very fast society today. As auctioneers, it is our duty to get the highest prices in the most efficient manner for our sellers, whether it be personal property, or an entire farm. Even in rural America, auction attendance is down as people flock to Amazon, or any other site to order goods. Gone, in large part are the days when you could post a sign, and droves of people would just come spend 5-10 hours enjoying the auction, whether or not they got what they came for. BUT.... people still love the idea of a deal, which the auction method provides. Through the use of todays technology, a buyer can bid and win, using his smartphone, while watching his son play basketball, and his daughter cheer, at an away game, 3 counties away.

Interested in having an auction - call us to discuss all of your options.  We can auction 
almost anything, from an entire estate to one piece.  We also sell real estate - either by the 
auction method or by the conventional method.



 We have been involved in the auction
  business our entire lives.
 We offer competitive commission rates.
 We offer a complete auction service - from
  set -up to clean-up, you don't have to do a 
 This isn't just a hobby for us - it's our

Ed and Ben Schafer, Auctioneers offers a wide array of auction related services.  We can 
sell one piece to an entire estate.  Ben can also sell you real estate by auction or by the 
conventional way of selling real estate.  We also offer appraisal services, as Ben is a court 
approved appraiser in Guernsey and Noble Counties.  Call today for the service of your